The Bedford Franklin

Founded in 2017 and currently based in Jacksonville, FL.  This non-profit organization is a provider of educational programs and seasonal activities for youth ages 5-17.  Our learning environment is designed to foster creativity, confidence and critical thinking skills in every lesson.


The Bedford Franklin stands apart from other organizations because we focus on helping a child develop their mindset and creativity through interactive heuristic workshops. Our goal is to assist them with learning skills for their ultimate success in life in a “hands on” learning environment for the result of maximum understanding and retention.  Since 2017, we have provided seasonal out-of-school time enrichment camps such as summer, spring, and winter break. Our camps have taught children the basis of their mind, thinking, and emotions as well as their ability to control them. These camps have also helped them increase their reading comprehension, math, and writing skills. Camps have provided foundational skills of coding, critical thinking and entrepreneurship through mini-business ventures. It has been a haven of fun as campers go on multiple field trips weekly that are educational and enjoyable. 


As the program expands, after-school enrichment, tutoring, and mentorships. Our male mentorship for ages 8-17 has taken off very well. The young men in our program have been growing tremendously emotionally, socially, and mentally as they work towards the goal of making positive decisions with positive outcomes for their future.  


We look forward to expanding our program reach as we build out a full technology program that helps participants learn the different computer languages, software programming, and technological mechanics. As society continues to shift in the direction of technological advancements, we would like to help our youth gain initial skills to increase their career options in the future. We are excited to grow in Jacksonville and be of great assistance to the families that we serve.